Blink & Go Mascara Review

I have been meaning to do this review ever since I received this product in my December Glossybox. When I first saw the product, I had never heard of 'Blink & Go' but I loved the cool packaging and decided to do a bit of research online. Blink & Go is part of the Nouveau group brand which also includes brands such as 'HD Brows'. After trailing through their website, it seems Blink & Go mainly focus on lashes hence their product name. They also offer a huge range of the most amazing false eyelashes I have ever seen. The lashes retail at £8.95 and I am planning on buying a couple of pairs to show you all in a review. This full-size mascara retails on the website at £12.95 so the fact I got it in my Glossybox along with 4 other products for the same price is amazing. You can find the website along with the Blink & Go products here

I have been using this mascara almost every day since I received it back in December and it has fast become one of the best I have ever used. I am a bit of a mascara whore, meaning I'm constantly buying, trying and never being 100% happy with any I have used. I mean, theres a few I would re-purchase such as Loreal or Rimmel Accelerator lashes, but I still found myself looking for something even better. Finally, I have found a mascara that I wouldn't think twice about re-purchasing. It is a very dark black colour, which I love and I find the wand is just the right size to coat all of my lashes quickly. The wand is relatively thin which is a change for me. I normally go for those huge fat wands as I always thought they worked better. I was definitely wrong as this mascara lengthens, curls and coats them perfectly. I also find that a thinner wand can get to smaller lashes in the corner of my eye very efficiently. This mascara doesn't clump my eyelashes and as it is waterproof it has great staying powder. I can put this on in the morning and not have to worry about it running or smudging. I have relatively rubbish natural eyelashes but this mascara makes me feel confident that they look half-decent, without having to stick a pair of falsies on.

Overall, I absolutely love this. I hope you can get an idea of how long this makes my lashes look from the pictures above. I think this product is 100% worth the £12.95 price tag. Yes, it is quite expensive but the quality is second to none and I have been using this almost every day for 2 months and still haven't ran out.

Have you ever tried this product? What's your favourite mascara?

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