A New Favourite | Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask

Favourite Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask Review

As someone with bleached hair, I find it really important to  give it the moisture it needs to prevent it becoming dry and brittle. There's nothing worse than hair that feels really dry and I'm sure everybody aims to have soft and shiny hair. Luckily, after a few years of looking after my hair with my beloved Moroccan Oil, I've managed to avoid the dreaded dry hair and despite the fact I colour my hair regularly, its in great condition. I often get compliments on it and people asking me how I keep it long, soft and shiny and my answer to them is always 'Moroccan Oil'. For me, its a complete hero hair product and one I wouldn't be without.

After the excellent results I've seen from the oil, I was pretty keen to try more products from the Moroccan Oil range. One product I was particularly keen on, after my friend who is a hairdresser recommended it, is the Intense Hydrating Mask*. I'm a big fan of using hair masks once a week for that extra bit of of hair hydration and I knew this one wouldn't let me down. I've been using it for around a month now and I have to say, this is probably the best hair mask I've ever used. Other than it smelling utterly amazing (much like the oil but even better), the 'intense hydrating' name sums up this product perfectly.

Favourite Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask Review
Its one of the thickest hair masks I've ever used and I often worry thick hair products will weigh my hair down but I haven't found that at all. I actually like the fact its so thick as it means I don't need to use much product to coat my whole hair so the 250ml tub will last me a long time. With most hair masks I've used in the past, I've used a whole tub in three or four goes because I needed to use SO much product to coat my hair. With the Moroccan Oil mask, one small scoop from the tub is all I need to coat my long hair and get the desired results. 

As my hair is so long, I often find its exceptionally tangled after being in the shower and a bit of a nightmare to get a brush through. However, after smothering this mask all over my hair and leaving it to work its magic for the recommended 10 minutes (or five if I'm in a rush), my hair is so soft that the brush glides through it with ease. When I blow dry my hair, it looks soft, shiny and most importantly, healthy. The scent lingers after drying too so you can often catch me smelling my hair after use - not weird at all, I promise. 

I can honestly say I absolutely love this hair mask and considering I've tried many over the years, its one of the best out there. As I mentioned, my hair is in pretty good condition anyway but this mask has ensured it stays that way and keeps it nourished. If you're someone with dry, brittle and damaged hair, I can't recommend this and the oil enough. If you use them as a pair, I can ensure you'll have hair to rival Rapunzel before you know it! You can get it from Hair Trade here for £24.75.

Lots of love,