Relocating to Australia

Hey Beauties. Today's post isn't beauty related what-so-ever, so if you have no interest in 'life' posts, its probably wise to stop reading now before I babble on and bore the socks of you. Basically, I just wanted to share with you all some very exciting changes in my life at the minute. As I have mentioned before, I graduated from uni in July and since then I have been moping around, feeling miserable at a job I hate. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've met some lovely people who I hope to stay in touch with but the job itself is just so boring and unfulfilling.
Anyway, my family noticed how miserable I'd been with my work situation and decided to help me out. I got a very nice phone call from my dad who lives over in Queensland, asking me if I'd like to go over there for a while and clear my head. He lives there with my Step-mum and two gorgeous little brothers. I've been over 4 times already and absolutely love the place. Its just a total different way of life over there. Last time I went I just found myself being a lot more chilled out, relaxed and generally happier with myself.

When my dad rang me, it all sounded amazing but obviously I had to think it through carefully. I have a boyfriend of 5 years who I live with, so I wasn't just going to up and leave him without thinking it through. I thought ALOT, spoke to family, friends, my boyfriend and we all decided that it is the best thing for me to do while I'm still young and haven't settled into a 'proper' career. I have decided to go for 5 months but my boyfriend is coming to join me in July for 2 months so we don't have to be apart for the whole time (soppy!). My flights are booked for April and I'll return in September. How exciting? My dad runs his own business over in Oz and he has offered me the chance to work for him while I'm there as obviously I will need money to live. I was so grateful for him giving me this chance and I think it will do me the world of good, it will be a great addition to my CV and of course help me to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life when I return to the UK in September.

I just wanted to do this blog post to let you all know my plans as obviously I will be mentioning it a lot over the next few weeks. I can't wait to do some blogging down under and share with you all what I've been up to, share some of the beautiful sights and of course show you all what I've been buying with my Ozzy dollars. (Roll on a shopping spree in Brisbane). Oh, and lets not forget about a cheeky 'Duty Free' haul post. I think that's the only part of that horrendous journey I'm actually looking forward too. I am super scared of flying, like seriously scared so doing this on my own is going to be a HUGE achievement and I think I will just burst into tears when I finally arrive at Brisbane airport and see my family waiting for me (aww!).

Have any of you been to Australia or flown alone before?
I'd love to hear your travel stories!

Lots of Love,



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