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Balearic Cool | Hedonist

Hey Lovely Ladies! Today I wanted to show you these a-maz-ing Models Own nail polishes I got for my birthday. Now I realise I am completely late jumping on the Hed Kandi band wagon as every man and his dog probably has these already. However, they have been on my wish list for quite some time so I am very happy to finally own them. These two polishes are from Models Own 'Hed Kandi' collection which is basically a range of very bright, in your face summer polishes. There are five shades to choose from including Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Beach Party, Disco Heaven and Ibiza Mix. The first three mentioned are a selection of brights and the latter two are glitter polishes. The two I picked for my birthday are Balearic Cool and Hedonist, a neon orange with red undertones and a bright mid-toned blue. I decided on these two after looking at various swatches online as I liked how vibrant they are without being too over the top. I also loved 'Beach Party' but being neon orange (think highlighter pen) it was very 'out there' and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Now you might be quite surprised by this but these are my very first Models Own nail polishes. To be honest, before I started blogging I was never very adventurous with my nails and stuck with my basic Barry M polishes. Don't get me wrong, I still love Barry M but I have certainly enjoyed discovering new brands. As I'd never tried any polishes from Models Own previously, I had no idea what to expect from them. However, I was not disappointed. As you can see from the swatches above, the colour payoff from these particular shades is amazing. I was particularly impressed with 'Hedonist' which only needed one coat to get an opaque coverage. Balearic Cool needs a second coat but I can deal with that as I expect most polishes to need two coats anyway. I also loved how easily they applied. I found the brush was just the right size to cover my whole nail in a few strokes and it applied streak free. One thing I did notice is that Hedonist dried to a matte finish whereas Balearic blue was glossy. I didn't mind the matte finish but for swatch purposes I added my Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. Both polishes dried super fast which may be down to the Sally Hansen top coat but either way, it worked. I also love the packaging and I feel like the bottles are pretty big meaning a decent amount of product. Now for the best thing about these polishes? The price. These cost a mere £5.00 each which I think is amazing value for money. As I said, you get a good amount of product in the bottle and the quality is second to none. I will certainly be investing in lots more Models Own nail polishes after trying these. I can sense a new beginning of a new obsession, oh no! I got mine from the ASOS website here where you can also get the whole set for £20.00 meaning you get one polish for free. They are also available on the Models Own website here and at Boots here.

I hope you are all well. I am about to my finger and toe nails with Hedonist. Yey! 

Lots of Love,

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