Bioderma Sensibio H2O: My Thoughts

Hi Ladies. Now I'm pretty sure this product needs no introduction as it has been hyped all over the blogging world for months. I've read review after review of this product and almost every single one has been positive. I tried telling myself I didn't need it but temptation was too much and I couldn't resist popping on Ebay and ordering myself a bottle. I ordered the 'sensibio' version as my skin is quite partial to reacting to new products and I opted for a 250ml bottle instead of the 500ml version just incase I wasn't too keen on it.

If you've never heard of Bioderma before it is essentially a water based cleansing solution that removes makeup. At first I was a bit baffled by the science behind it and if I'm honest, I still am. All I know is that this is a 'micellar' solution which is basically water that contains small balls of cleansing particles. I've tried reading about it online but it's all a bit too complicated if you ask me. I never was good with science.

As Bioderma is a French product it isn't readily available to buy in the UK. I'd read that lots of bloggers had ordered it from Ebay so although I was a little dubious, I gathered it would be safe and sound. I always like to order from top-rated sellers on Ebay as I find them to be more reliable so I ended up ordering mine from this from this seller here. The service was absolutely fantastic and my package arrived the next day. It was very securely wrapped and the bottle itself was in a box full of shredded paper to keep it protected. 

I obviously couldn't wait to give it a try so I decided I would use it there and then to see what all the fuss is about. I have to admit, all of the rave reviews are absolutely right. I popped a few squirts onto a cotton pad and within a couple of seconds it began melting my makeup away including heavy eye makeup. I have been using it both morning and night since receiving it and find that two soaked cotton pads manage to completely remove every trace of makeup from my skin.

Before I recieved this product, I was using the Caudalie Cleansing Water and as much as I love it and will continue to use it, Bioderma removed my makeup so much quicker. It left no oily or sticky residue on my skin and instead left my face feeling clean and fresh. I also love that it has no scent and is very gentle on my sensitive skin.

I have really enjoyed using this product and I should have listened to the hype a bit sooner. I paid £7.75 for a 250ml bottle but I know you can get the 500ml version for around £10.00 which I don't think is too bad for such a huge bottle. I will definitely be ordering the bigger size when this one runs out.

Have you ever tried Bioderma? What do you think?

Lots of Love,

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