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Hey Ladies! So as I'm sure you're all aware by now, I am a huge fan of false eyelashes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the tacky drag queen look but when applied properly and accompanied with the right eye makeup, they can look lovely. For the past few years I have always worn my trusty 'Eylure' lashes for nights out and never really swayed to another brand. However, since starting my blog, I've been introduced to so many brands I would never of heard of otherwise. With this being said let me introduce you to 'Miss Flicklash' and 'La La Lashes'...

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I was recently sent these lovely eyelashes from, a website that stocks an array of coloured contact lenses, false eyelashes and various other wacky creations. If you are going on a fancy dress night out or just want to experiment with some crazy new looks, I 100% you recommend checking them out. I was sent the Miss Flicklash and La La Lashes in the style 'D-Orable'. Both of these pairs of eyelashes are super glamorous and perfect for the upcoming party season. 

I was particularly amazed and impressed by the 'Flicklash' lashes as I have never come across eyelashes in this style before. Instead of just being a standard pair of eyelashes, they come with an attached 'flick' which means you can create 'cat-eye' flicks without having to use fiddly liquid eyeliner. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to create perfect looking flicks, especially whilst wearing false eyelashes, so these innovative lashes completely solve that problem. I apologise that there isn't a picture of me wearing them but I'm saving them for Christmas time and a glitzy night out as the flick part of the lash is slightly glittery and perfect to pair with a dark smokey eye. I'm pretty sure they will feature in a makeup look over the Christmas period so keep an eye out for that so you can see how they look once applied.

As for the La La Lashes, they are perfect. I have attached a photo of me wearing them above and I just love everything about them. Not only are they long and glamorous but also remain natural and not too over the top at the same time. The lashes are very fine with the odd longer one placed throughout them meaning when applied they create a really pretty wide-eyed look. Again, I apologise for the lack of photos but I didn't want to ruin them before getting the chance to wear them over Christmas. If you want to treat yourself to some new party lashes you can find both of these pairs here and here. They are reasonably priced and come in a huge array of different coloured 'flicks' and styles.

Do you enjoy wearing false eyelashes for a special occasion?

Lots of Love,

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