2012 Overview & New Years Resolutions

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Hi Guys! I can't believe it's 2013! WOW, where did 2012 go? The past year has flown by but it's been a blooming brilliant one. Not only did I fly to the other side of the world alone to visit my family in Australia (huge deal for a nervous flyer like me!) but I spent an amazing five months there and had some of the best experiences of my life. I also landed myself a new job which so far I am really enjoying. 

I've also seen my blog go from strength to strength and still can't believe how far I have come in the space of a year. (proud moment right there!) My boyfriend and I also celebrated our five year anniversary which is a crazy long time as it only feels like yesterday we had our first date. (Aw!) I've also had some amazing times with my family and friends and overall had an amazing year!

As with every year, I like to set myself some resolutions as I think it's a great way to give myself motivation to get things I want to do, done. I'm going to try my best to stick to them and if I'm ever feeling unmotivated, I can look at this blog post to give me that little push in the right direction. I've broke my list of resolutions up in to three sections; Health, Blogging & Life. I hope you enjoy reading what I hope to achieve in the next twelve months ...

- Join a gym and actually go three times a week (no ifs or buts!).
- Cut out fizzy drinks and drink lots of water instead.
- Only allow myself to eat takeaways on the weekend and make fresh meals during the week.
- Take homemade lunches to work, no ready meals.
- Stick to a strict skincare routine (no skipping bits because I'm tired).

- Continue to enjoy and be passionate about my blog.
- Post at least three times a week, more if possible.
- Advance my photography and learn some new tricks with my DSLR camera.
- Film my first VIDEO!
- Do more 'looks' and tutorials.
- Go to at least one blogger meet up.
- Go to at least one blogger event.
- Buy a tripod and lighting.
- Continue to grow, develop and reach new milestones.
- Buy a bigger dressing table for storage, preferably white with lots of drawers.
- Make sure I comment on other blogs and reply to questions on mine. I usually try my best to do this but lack of time makes it difficult.
- Stop biting my nails - Pretty nails means more nail related blog posts.

- Start driving lessons again.
- Pass my theory and driving test.
- Get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help deal with my anxiety attacks.
- Try to be more positive.
- Stop worrying about what other people think and grab every opportunity with both hands.
- Go somewhere exotic on holiday (I'm thinking Dubai).
- Go to a festival with friends.
- Stop spending unnecessarily.
- Set up a savings account - you never know when you might need some extra cash.

and as always ...
- Spend quality time with my family and friends.

So there we have it, my 2013 goals! I told you there was a lot and some people might think this is unrealistic but none of them are huge changes, just little tweaks and developments in my life that I think are very achieveable. My biggest aim is to get my anxiety under control and stop letting it control my life and my second is to pass my driving test. As well as continuing to grow and develop my blog, everything else will be a lovely bonus.

I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve last night, I went to the comedy club which was a good laugh and then down to the Quayside for the firework display. They were absolutely amazing and it was a lovely way to bring in the new year.


What are your resolutions?

Lots of Love,

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