A Wardrobe Malfunction // Motel Daisy

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Dress - Motel* // Shoes - Primark // Belt - H&M

I love nothing more than a cute little dress that can be thrown on it a matter of minutes and dressed up or down and this one from Motel is exactly that. Not only is the skater style very flattering but the monochrome daisy print is absolutely adorable. As soon as I received this dress in the post, it was love at first sight and I couldn't wait to wear it. My nanna and sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we were going out for a meal so I decided it would be perfect to throw on and dress up with my new favourite shoes from Primark. They're a Zara dupe if I've ever seen one and they're SO comfy too. Definitely one of my favourite purchases recently!

So after popping this dress on ready for my night out and getting my pose on in the photos above (thanks again to my boyfriend who has to endure these blog photo-taking sessions!) I realised something didn't feel right. I felt a bit drafty around my back and when I looked I realised the dress wasn't zipped up and was hanging loose at the back. If you look closely at the photos, particuarly the left one, you can see it hanging open. Much to my horror the zip on my pretty new daisy dress had broken, boo! I'm not sure if it was faulty or whether my big bum snapped the zip when I was pulling it up but you can imagine my disappointment when I realised I wouldn't be able to wear it. Luckily my nanna came to the rescue and is going to take it somewhere to get fixed for me as I really want to wear it on our holiday to Portugal later this month.

I just wanted to tell you all that funny little story as I realise it doesn't look quite right on the photos but I wanted to share the dress anyway as I do love it. Like I said, I'll definitely be wearing this dress on my holiday later this month as I think its so cute and easy to wear.

If you want some daisies in your life, you can find this dress HERE on the Motel website.

Have you ever had this kind of wardrobe malfunction?

Lots of Love,

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