The 'If I Was A Rich Girl' Christmas List

The 'If I Was A Rich Girl' Christmas List, Luxury Chrismtas List, Dream Christmas List, Michael Kors Purse, Givenchy Antigona Handbag, Androgynous Tag Watch, Tom Ford Deluxe Brush Set, Tom Ford Lipstck, Louboutins, Mark Milton Gold Rop Necklace

If there’s any time of year when lusting after ridiculously expensive items is allowed, it’s Christmas. It’s always the time of the year when there’s most temptation; if it’s not amazing limited edition beauty gift sets, it’s the lure of gorgeous, embellished Christmas party dresses.

Considering at this time of year most of our hard earned cash is spent on presents for others and it’s very unlikely that we’re going to find a £4,000 pair of Louboutins under the tree, the only option is to go on a virtual spending spree. That equates to something along the lines of filling a basket to the value of £20,000 on the Selfridges/Harvey Nichols/Harrods website before clicking the ‘x’ on our browsers and snapping back to reality.

If money we’re no object, there would be a few presents that would definitely be securing a spot under the tree come Christmas morning. The Tom Ford Deluxe 5 Piece Brush Set (£280) is a beauty, as are his lipsticks which come in at an eye-watering £36 each. Michael Kors is the blogger brand of the moment, and this simple yet chic purse would be more than welcome in many a girl’s handbag. And just how beautiful are these Louboutins?! They would make the perfect addition to a New Year’s Eve outfit if they didn’t cost almost £4,000 – crazy! 

Whilst the Michael Kors Selma bag is a blogger favourite, this Givenchy Antigona Kenya one is a little more interesting and a little less cliché with its gunmetal hardware. As for jewellery, an androgynous Tag watch wouldn’t go a miss, and neither would this super cute gold rope necklace from Mark Milton.

Totting all this up, it’s kind of ridiculous how much you could spend on a shopping spree if money were no object. What items have crept their way into everybody else’s dream online shopping baskets? 

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