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At the age of twelve, I got my very own polaroid camera. I thought I was the bees knees at the time and I was completely in love with it. I went on a family holiday to Devon soon after receiving it as a gift and I spent the majority of my trip snapping my family and anything remotely interesting around the holiday complex. I might of even taken the odd selfie. Don't judge me! I've always been into photography from a very young age and my polaroid camera back then was like my equivalent of Instagram today.

Digital cameras weren't the in thing back then and before getting my polaroid, I used to take those crappy disposable cameras everywhere I went. If you used to use them yourself, you'll know they were a total nightmare. It was hard to see what on earth the photo was going to look like and half of them would be out of focus, missing someones head or of the inside of my bag. There was also no such thing as 'untagging' or deleting photos - if someone caught you at a bad angle with one of those bad boys, it was there to stay. Not cool! So, you can imagine my excitement over a polaroid camera - a camera that would produce an image instantly with no need to take my film into the local shop to get developed. Crikey, saying that makes me feel so old. Haven't times changed?

Now although technology has advanced since my polaroid camera days and I'm now snapping everything with my Iphone or DSLR, I kind of miss the days of real photos. You know, actual printed photos to put in photo albums, just like I used to way back when. I often worry that the world is becoming so digital that all of our memories might one day be lost when our phone or laptop crashes. Ooh, perish the thought! With this being said, I was delighted to be contacted by a fantastic company called 'Printic' who offer polaroid images, just like the ones produced from my beloved polaroid camera. They asked me if I'd like to try their Iphone app and receive some complimentary images and I have to say, I didn't think twice about it. I completely love this idea - its utterly genius.

The way Printic works is really cleaver. All you need to do is download their app from the app store, select the photos you want turning into polaroids, choose and address to send the photos to (you can get them delivered to your own address or surprise a family or friend with a special photo), pop in your payment details and walah, a cute orange envelope is on its way to you in the post full of amazing polaroid memories. You can even choose to add a message to your polaroids on the app which I thought was a really sweet idea - especially if you're sending a special photo to a loved one and want to make it more personal. As you can see from my photos above, I chose a selection of photos that mean a lot to me - most of which are special times with my family, boyfriend and friends.They're all photos I'll look back on in the future with happy memories which is so lovely!

Another thing I love about polaroid images is how vintage they look. Not many people use polaroid cameras these days so its really quirky and unique to have some of my favourite photos as polaroids. I'm planning on making something cool with them - perhaps a pin board or collage so I'll be sure to report back when I've decided how I want to display them. The possibilities are endless.

In terms of cost, the app's currency is in Euros and US dollars but don't let that scare you off as you can order from anywhere in the world. The cost of the prints are slightly more pricey than the standard cost of photo printing but you definitely get what you pay for and the prints are HD quality. You can find out more about their pricing on the website linked above but as most of my readers are from the UK, the price when converted to pounds is £1.31 for the first print and 31 pence for each additional print. That means you can get 30 HD polaroid prints for around £12.00 which I don't think is too bad at all.

Anyway, this post has turned into a humongous ramble about my love of photography and polaroid images so I'm going to stop here before I get carried away!

What do you think of Printic? Will you be ordering yourself some polaroids? 

Lots of Love,

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