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When it comes to high street beauty brands, Bourjois would have to be up there alongside Revlon as one of the best there is. They've been on top form with all of their recent releases and the new base products to be added to their line up are no exception. The 123 Perfect CC cream (shade Light Beige)* and CC eye cream (Ivory)* have been my go-to base recently and they certainly deserve all the hype they've been getting.

I have to be honest, when I first received these in the post, I was seriously dubious. My initial thought was 'oh here we go again, another gimmicky product with a made up double letter label'. I was never one to be blown away by the BB cream hype so I figured CC creams were just another silly product brands were adding to their list to fool people into thinking it was something exciting and a 'must have'. However, when I discovered that CC cream stands for 'colour correction',  it made more sense to me. Unlike BB creams which are essentially a more hyped up tinted moisturiser, CC creams have an actual purpose - to colour correct the skin and help with problems like dullness and redness.

The Bourjois CC cream contains three colour correcting pigments - apricot for anti-fatigue, green for anti-redness and white for anti-dark spots, all of which will help give the complexion a more fresh and luminous finish. Now I'm not sure how the exact science behind it these colour correcting pigments works but this product definitely does all of the things it promises - it makes my skin look awake, radiant and more even. I absolutely love it! The cream itself is quite runny and it feels very lightweight on the skin, almost like I'm not even wearing makeup. I also find it really nourishes my skin and feels like its moisturising it as well as making it look better. The coverage is fairly light but its very buildable and it definitely covers any imperfections I have. I also like that it has an SPF 15 as it will be a great S/S base and the  formula is also oil-free which is great for someone like me who is prone to getting an oily t-zone throughout the day.

As for the eye cream, I find its a great companion for the CC cream and it really helps to brighten up my under eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Much like the CC cream, its pretty lightweight and runny in texture but the coverage is pretty good. I'd say this is a great product to go for if you want something to brighten up the under eye area but I wouldn't recommend it for concealing blemishes as it doesn't give enough coverage and the brightening properties would only draw more attention to them. Another thing I need to mention about this concealer is the applicator - its genius! Unlike standard brush or doe-foot applicators, this one has a silicone 'nib' which feels lovely and gentle under the eye area and it also feels more hygienic to use too. All brands should take note of this application method - its fab!

Overall, I'd highly recommend these two products. As I said, they've been my go-to base ever since I received them as I love how healthy and radiant they make my skin look. I think they'll be amazing to use in the Summer too for a natural dewy base! For less than a tenner each, you really can't go wrong. Boots also have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so its the perfect time to snap them up!

Have you tried the Bourjois CC creams yet? What do you think?

Lots of Love,

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