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When Benefit's latest launch Big Easy* landed at my doorstep (in a rather amazing circus themed packages - how cute is that lion?), I was so excited to give it a try. I love the concept behind it and its unlike anything else I've ever tried before. Benefit are often coming up with new and exciting products such as their innovative 'Gimmee Brow' and selection of multi-use tints. I do love a beauty brand that thinks outside of the box!

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So, you're probably wondering what makes Big Easy so different from all the other base products on the market and the reason its so unique is due to its magical complexion perfection cream to powder finish. It isn't a foundation and it isn't a BB cream, its what Benefit class as a 'multi balancing skin perfector'. I must admitt I was a bit concerned when I heard it had a powder finish as I'm definitely more in favour of a glowy radiant base. However, since trying this product, I realised that although it does turn into a powder, its exceptionally lightweight and natural. The coverage is light to medium so it still allows your natural radiance to shine through but is manages it enough so you're face isn't going to look like a disco ball by lunchtime. This is perfect for someone like me with combination skin as I really suffer with shine throughout the day on my t-zone.

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Another few things I love about this product is how it evens out my skintone, conceals redness and covers blemishes, contains an SPF 35 (great for Summer) and self adjusts to any skintone to ensure it looks completely seamless and natural on the skin. I know, pretty impressive right? I think its going to be a makeup bag staple for me on holiday and in Summer as the powder finish will control excess shine that creeps up on me in the warmer weather and the SPF 35 will ensure my skin is protected from those pesky UV rays!

Now as I mentioned, I have combination skin so this product works well for me but I'm not sure if it would work quite as well on dry skin types due to the powder element. Although it is very natural looking and doesn't at all feel cakey or too dry (infact, its very comfortable on the skin),  if you're a dry skinned gal, it might be worth popping to your local Benefit counter and giving it a whirl before taking the plunge! I wouldn't want to recommend a product that could potentially make you have a cake face. I mean I'm sure it wouldn't but you know, I'm just putting that out there. Hehe!

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Benefit Big Easy is available in stores and online now and it available in six different shades. I've been wearing 'Light/Medium' and 'Medium' at the minute and due to the self adjusting formula, they both match my skintone perfectly. I might even ramp it up a notch and wear 'Beige' when I have a tan. Priced at £27.50, it isn't the cheapest product but it is one I'd recommend trying and hey, at least if you're wearing this you can skip the powder so its essentially two products for the price of one! Yay!

Do you like the sound of Big Easy? You can find it here (free gift with purchase).

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