New Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner & Remover

As far as eyeliner goes, I'm pretty darn hooked. Its not often you'll see me without my trusty cat flick and I've tried multiple liquid liners in the past - some of which have impressed me and some that haven't. I've also dabbled with a couple of gel liners and although I liked them to begin with, I soon got bored of having to use a brush. I know that might sound incredibly lazy but I'm very much a 'roll out of bed and get ready as quickly as possible' kind of girl so I like my makeup routine to be done and dusted in ten minutes tops. However, although gel liners are fairly fiddly, I love the effect they give. They create more definition and last longer than a conventional liquid liner. With this being said, you can imagine my delight when I discovered Benefit were releasing a gel liner like no other - a gel liner that's applied straight from the pen - no brushes involved!

The new They're Real Push Up gel liner, which is a welcome sidekick to the best selling 'They're Real' mascara features a soft AccuFlex tip which dispenses the product in a simple twist and go action - very handy for those of us who always seem to be in a rush (or is that just me?). When I first tried the product I didn't actually realise it had to be twisted at the bottom and was very confused when no black line was appearing on my eye. Don't be as silly as me if you decided to try this product folks - twist, twist, twist. Other than the slight confusion over the whole twist action, the packaging is spot on. 

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New Benefit They're Real Products, Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review, Benefit They're Real Remover Review 4.jpg

Now when I first tried this product (after realising I needed to twist), I made a bit of a mess. I've read lots of reviews that claim this is foolproof or as Benefit are marketing it 'criminally easy' and while it might be for some, that certainly wasn't the case for me. The problem with this product for me is that when the gel is dispensed from the tip, there's often not quite enough or slightly too much - I can't seem to get the balance right and end up with a very thick line or a patchy line due to there not being enough product. However, on the times I have struck gold and managed to create a flick to rival Dita Von Teese, I've loved it.

Another thing worth pointing out is that this stuff dries incredibly quickly so you have to be quick with application or it tends to go quite flakey. I realise I'm really not selling this to you guys but I'm just sharing my honest thoughts. As I said, when I've managed to get it right, I've loved it. Its super pigmented, the flexible tip allows me to get right into the lash line and its incredibly long lasting. I think that's my favourite thing about it - when its one, it doesn't budge.  Overall I'd say its a good product but it does take some getting used to and I'm still in the 'not quite cracked it' phase. I know with a bit more practise it has the potential to become a favourite due to it being such a convenient product so I'll be sure to report back with my final thoughts after  using it for a bit longer.

Liner aside, another new addition to the ever expanding They're Real family is the They're Real Remover which has been designed especially for removing both the liner and mascara. If you've used the mascara before then I'm sure you'll know how difficult it is to remove (same goes for the liner - which is a good thing as they're so long lasting) but now Benefit have the answer. I have to say I wasn't that excited about this product but since giving it a try my mind has changed. When applied to a cotton pad and swiped across the eye, it removes every trace of eye makeup in a matter of seconds and leaves the eye area feeling soft and hydrated at the same time. I usually hate eye makeup removers because they feel so greasy but instead of being oil based, this is a white lotion that feels very soothing and gentle on my eyes. Its definitely one to pick up if you struggle removing your They're real mascara or any other hard to budge eye makeup.

If you're a lover of gel liners, cat flicks and heavy eye makeup - these two new products from Benefit are definitely worth checking out. They're priced at £18.50 for the liner and £14.50 for the remover and can be found at a range of retailers including BootsFeel Unique and Debenhams.

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