No7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush & Instant Radiance Highlighter

No7 Pop & Glow cream blush and Instant Radiance Highlighter Review,
I used to absolutely LOVE No7 products as a teenager (their 'blonde' liquid foundation was my fave) as it was one of the only brands stocked in my teeny tiny local Boots. My mum was also a fan and she'd buy me bits and bobs whenever she had a £5 voucher - good old mother goose!! However, since moving to a big city where I've got endless makeup counters on my doorstep, I've branched out into other brands and No7 has somewhat fallen off my beauty radar. However, when I recently noticed posts popping up about their new blush and highlighter 'sticks', I knew I had to try them. When it comes to makeup, I'm all about convenience. Anything that's quick and easy to use is a winner with me so the idea of having both blush and highlighter in stick form to quickly swipe across my cheeks seemed very appealing. I also had a couple of No7's £5 vouchers stuffed inside my purse so I thought I'd put them to use and give their new cheek offerings a try!

No7 Pop & Glow cream blush and Instant Radiance Highlighter Review,
The shade range for these products isn't huge with only four shades to choose from in the blush and two in the highlighter. I opted for the 'Classic Rose' pop & glow blush which is exactly as the name states, a classic rosy 'just been out in the cold' pink and the instant radiance highlighter as apposed to the bronzing highlighter (I don't believe the highlighters have shade names). What first drew me to these products would have to be the cute packaging - they remind me of the iconic Clinique chubby sticks and I thought they'd be ideal for travelling and on the go touch ups. 

Considering I had high hopes for these products, I have to say I've not been disappointed. What I love about them is that they have a lovely creamy texture when applied but they don't look overly shiny or greasy on the skin which some cream products have the tendency to. I'd say they have a nice semi-matte 'satin' type finish which I love as that means they last all day and don't slip off my skin as soon as I get a little oily. They're also very pigmented and exceptionally easy to apply - with only one sweep across my cheek and a quick blend with my fingers I'm good to go. The blush provides a beautiful wash of colour which brightens my complexion and the highlighter does exactly what the name states and adds instant radiance.

No7 Pop & Glow cream blush and Instant Radiance Highlighter Review,
If I had to choose I'd say the highlighter is my favourite of the two purely because I'm a bit of a sucker for highlighting products and I love the effect this one gives my skin. Its a beautiful champagne shade with a metallic finish meaning it creates a very natural glow. I like applying it to my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and on my cupids bow but it could really be used anywhere you want to add some radiance as its very subtle and creates a 'lit from within' look. Its actually a pretty good dupe for Benefit Watt's Up if you're looking for a more affordable alternative.

I'd highly recommend these products and I'm really glad I decided to give them a try. They've been staples in my makeup bag recently and the fact they're so quick and easy to use make them even better. They both cost £9.95 which is a little more pricey than other drugstore brands but if you can get your mitts on one of the £5 off vouchers, they're an absolute steal at only £4.95. Well worth a look at when you next pop into Boots!!

Do you like the look of these cheek products from No7?

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