A Niggle Shared is a Niggle Halved with #Nigglefix

Today I'd like to share Triumph's new campaign 'Niggle Fix', a rather amusing video showcasing some of those annoying 'niggles' us women have to face on a day to day basis. The reason Triumph have come up with this campaign is because they have the answer to one of our niggles - the uncomfortable wired bra. Lets face it, we've all been there - walking down the street or sat at work when we feel a sharp dig in our chest only to discover the wire from our bra is trying to escape. Not ideal!

Well, Triumph have answered all of our uncomfortable underwear prayers and invented 'Magic Wire', a clever bra that gives us women all the support we could need as well as pure comfort. Instead of wire, the bra is made with silicone to provide support and a built in mesh stabilizer that moves with our bodies comfortably. No risk of escaping wires with this one! Hurrah!

To highlight this daily niggle, along with lots of other very relatable niggles, Triumph are encouraging women to discuss and share their niggles across social media. After all - a niggle shared in a niggle halved! Here's a bit more info about how you can get involved and help the women of the UK solve their daily niggles...

Using the hashtag #nigglefix, UK women are encouraged to share everyday problems on social platforms - from frizzy hair to saggy jeans; Triumph will then take some of the niggles posted on both Twitter and Facebook, illustrate the most common problems and then call on the community to suggest their best possible solutions. Sounds fun right? To get involved, start thinking of all those annoying niggles and post them to your social platforms!

Here's a few of my own - can you relate to any of them?

- The dreaded early morning alarm
- Missing the bus by a milli-second
- Waking up with bed hair and having to re-wash it!
- Having a break out at 'that' time of the month
- Having 'nothing to wear' despite the fact my wardrobe in over flowing

Make sure you go and check out the campaigns microsite here http://nigglefix.triumph.com where you can find the niggle fix video, Magic Wire product video, product information, press and blogger reviews and the upcoming SUFF Magic Wire roadshows.

What are your daily niggles? 

Lots of love,

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