Wednesday Wants

I am officially un-impressed. I was browsing the Topshop website tonight and got rather excited when I saw loads of items I loved. I was just getting psyched up to treat myself when I got a niggling thought in my head. "you should check your bank balance first". Being good I decided to check my balance first and it's a good job I did. Skint is not the word. How annoying is having no money? Ever since going to uni and having an interest free overdraft I have been well and truly in the overdraft trap. Even though I am now working full-time, I just can't seem to get out of it. To be honest, I think my addiction to beauty products and clothes is to blame, which is so worth it. Who wants to work full time and get nothing in return? At least one treat every payday is a must for me. Foxy Locks extensions are top of my treat list when pay-day finally arrives.

So, back to Topshop. They have some amazing new stock this week. Even though Topshop is my favourite high street brand, I think their website can be totally hit and miss. Sometimes I want EVERYTHING (like now) and sometimes I just don't see anything I fancy. Usually, I only ever see a tonne of stuff I want when I have NO money. Sods law. As I have no money this week, surprise surprise I want everything. I was pretty shocked to see bikinis and sunglasses on there though. I mean, come on Topshop, it's still the middle of blooming winter.

Anyway, here are a few of the beauties I spotted. I hope they still have them in stock when the 28th arrives. Why can't pay day be everyday? Oh, imagine.

Ahhhhh I love all of this stuff. I love the colours, very spring/summer. I have an addiction to all things 'tan' all year round though. Love the tan shoes, jeans and bag Topshop have to offer and the cute high-waisted denim shorts are the perfect spring/summer item. Can't wait to have a spend.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. Half way to the weekend. Yey.

Lots of Love,



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