My Journey to Australia

From top to bottom - The huge airbus plane I flew on from Heathrow to Singapore, Reading material for the flight, Singapore Airport, Me looking very rough in Singapore after the 12 hour flight, in-flight map, take off at Singapore, plane food, pretty views coming into Brisbane,  a lovely welcome to Oz, clear blue skies and the plane after arriving at Brisbane airport, my brother munching a burger at McDonalds, my home for the next 5 months, baby brother eating grapes (random but I love the picture), my new Ozzy bedroom, picture board to remind me of home, my brother being a cheeky chappy!

Hey Beautiful Blogger Ladies! I hope you are all well. I'm sure your all aware of my trip to Australia by now and after weeks of worrying about the flight I made it here safe and sound, yey! I arrived yesterday morning Ozzy time after a long and tiring 36 hours of travelling. I flew from Manchester to Heathrow, Heathrow to Singapore and Singapore to Brisbane. The flight to Singapore was a long 12 hours and 20 minutes but I have to say it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting it to be. I flew on one of the new Airbus planes and they are amazing. I am such a nervous flyer and flying has always been a massive phobia of mine but on the Airbus I just felt so much safer. They are absolutely huge and quite daunting when you first see one but because they are so much bigger and sturdier than normal planes, the take off and landings were exceptionally smooth. The thing I hate most about flying is the plane shaking or moving a lot, especially during take off. Luckily for me, all three of my flights were excellent and we only had a teeny bit of turbulence. If someone told me I was going to fly to Australia on my own this time last year, I would of said no chance, no way, hell no but I now feel like I can do anything. I am so proud of myself for doing it and I definitely won't let my silly fears hold me back in the future. Life is for living after all. 
Anyway, as I arrived in Australia I was ridiculously excited. My dad, step mum and two brothers live here and thats who I'm staying with for the next 5 months. I couldn't wait to see my family waiting for me at the airport and as I stepped off my last flight I just had an overwhelming sense of achievement for doing what I'd just done. I went and collected my suitcase and made my way through customs. After all the faffing around, I finally made my way out of the airport. My dad and eldest brother were waiting for me and it was just so nice to see them. We then drove back to my dads house as he lives in a town around 3 hours away from Brisbane. We popped into McDonalds for some breakfast on our way back to my dads which was lovely after 24 hours of crappy plane food. When we arrived back at my dads house, my two year old brother came running downstairs to see me with my step mum which was a very nice welcome. He's so cute! Last time I saw him he was only 9 months old so I couldn't believe how much he'd grown.
My brothers then showed me to my new bedroom which is absolutely lovely. My dad decorated the room especially for me and its very nice and girly. They had also got me a hamper with some Clarins goodies, a voucher and lots of easter eggs which was a lovely surprise. So yes, thats about all I have to tell you guys for now. To be honest the whole thing has been a bit of a whirlwind so far as I am currently suffering with a horrendous cold. It was typical I came down with a cold before I set off on Tuesday and it was made 10x worse by the pressure and air conditioning on the plane. Also, Jet lag is the worst part about travelling long distance as it takes a good while to adjust to a completely different time zone. I hope I'm feeling better soon though so I can get out and enjoy the Ozzy sunshine.
Anyway, thats enough from me for now! I realise this post is huge but I just wanted to share with you all how my trip was and keep you upto date with my new Australian life. I will be doing some beauty posts as soon as I've got over this cold and jet lag. It's driving me insane.

Lots of Love,

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