Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner

Hello Ladies. I hope you are all well. I hear the weather over in the UK has been amazing recently? That's a first! It's raining here in Oz, typical isn't it. Anyway, as it is now coming into summer I wanted to review the perfect summer product. Now I'm sure most of you have heard of this or even used this before but I have only recently started using this again and I have rekindled my love for it. As I'm in Oz at the minute, I have obviously been wearing things that show a little more skin so I have been slathering this on to give my skin a tanned glow. I realise I should be sunbathing and getting a real tan but quite frankly, I've had better things to be doing. Dove Summer Body is a gradual self tanner meaning when applied it has no colour but after a few hours it develops and leaves a subtle tan. I personally love to use this at night time, after I've showered and before I get into bed. This means I can put it on before I go to sleep and let it develop through the night. 
To be honest, I have tried a lot of these gradual tanners as I remember them being hyped about a few years ago. The most famous was probably the Johnson's one in the yellow bottle, do you remember that? Yes, it was good but personally I think this one is so much better. I buy the shade for normal to dark skin as I find it gives me a deeper tan after a few applications but there is also an option for light to medium skin if you are worried about going too dark. I especially think these products are great for people who are very pale and think a proper fake than will leave them orange. With this product you have a lot more control over the intensity of colour. If I use this once, it will add a subtle bronzed glow to my skin whereas when I apply it 2/3 times it develops into a deeper tan. This means I can apply as much as I want, depending on what kind of tan I'm after. Also, this tan is great for the face. I have often used fake tans on my face and woke up looking like a patchy brown mess. Due to this being a moisturiser, it glides on to the face perfectly and leaves me with a lovely even colour. I find my makeup looks much nicer if I have a used this the night before as well. Another thing I love about this is the smell. You may of noticed I'm always talking about the smell of products in my reviews but for me, its an important factor. I want the products I'm applying to make my skin not only look but smell lovely too. Well, this certainly doesn't disappoint in the smell stakes. Oh my goodness, it smells amazing. It really does smell like summer in a bottle - fruity and fresh. The texture of the lotion is quite thick but I like that as I feel it really helps moisturise the skin. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue like some tanners/body lotions can. Just to top it all off, this product is exceptionally cheap. This huge 250ml bottle can be purchased on Amazon here for as little as 3.27, I best get stocked up. It is also available from all the usual places including Boots, Superdrug & most Supermarkets. 

Have you ever tried the Dove Gradual tanner? What do you think?

Lots of Love,

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