My Everyday 'Essential' Makeup Brushes

GOSH 300, Real Techniques Buffer, Real Techniques Contour, MAC 239, Sigma E35

Okay, okay so maybe they aren't essential but this little selection of brushes make my morning makeup routine a heck of a lot easier. I have developed a love for makeup brushes over the past year and a half, before then I would just slap products on with my fingers and although fingers are okay sometimes, there are some products that just shouldn't be applied without a brush. I guess I feel a lot more ladylike and professional when using them as well, which is always a bonus. Okay, so let me tell you why I love each of these brushes so much.

GOSH 300 Powder Brush - This big fluffy beauty was one of the first makeup brushes I ever bought and it is still going strong to this day. GOSH isn't normally a brand I would go to for brushes but I have to say, this is a fantastic brush. I find it just the right size to sweep powder over my foundation, the hairs/bristles (whatever you choose to call them) aren't too harsh on the skin and it is still in great condition after months and months of everyday use. Oh and just to top it off, this brush only costs 9.99 which isn't bad for a good quality brush that I use daily.

Real Techniques Buffer Brush - This is one of my most recent purchases and I am totally in love with it. Previous to this, I was using the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki to apply my foundation but this brush beats it hands down. This is absolutely perfect for applying liquid foundation, buffs foundation into my skin within minutes and gives me a flawless finish. With the Sigma brush I found myself really having to work the product in as the bristles are quite stiff. With this brush being so soft, it blends my foundation in effortlessly. I really can't see myself using any other brush for my foundation now. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush - Another Real Techniques gem and this time it comes in the form of their contour brush. The reason I love this brush is because of its many multi uses. I use this to apply blush, highlight and to contour my cheekbones. It can even be used for touching up powder under the eyes. I think my main 'everyday' use for this brush would be for applying MAC MSF onto my cheekbones. If I am going out or making more of an effort, I will use it with bronzer to contour as well. As it is a fairly small brush, I find it works perfectly and has become one of my most used and loved brushes.

MAC 239 Shader Brush - I actually reviewed this brush on my blog way back when I first started blogging. This was my first ever MAC brush and even since buying a few more, this has remained my favourite. I think this is the only brush I will ever need for eyeshadow. It packs colour onto my eye perfectly, helps with excellent colour pay-off and makes applying eyeshadow very quick and easy. You can read my more in depth review on this brush here but please excuse the messy post, I was still a newbie blogger then.

Sigma E35 Blending Brush - I also reviewed this brush on my blog here a couple of months ago after ordering it from Love Makeup. In my review I mentioned that it was very similar to the MAC 217 brush and how much I loved it. My opinions haven't changed since then and this has become one of my essential brushes for application of eyeshadow. Paired with my MAC 239, I really don't need any other brushes for my eye makeup. This blends colour in the crease of my eyes amazingly and again makes applying eyeshadow much easier.

So there we have it, my most essential makeup brushes. What are your brush essentials?
I hope everyones having a good Jubilee weekend.

Lots of Love,

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