OOTD | Pocahontas Playsuit

Playsuit - ASOS
Glasses - Primark
Bracelet - Pandora
Lips - Revlon 'Lollipop' Lip Butter

Hey Dolls! Firstly, happy Jubilee day and secondly, I have finally got round to doing an outfit post, yey! If you follow me on Twitter you will know how much I've been wanting to do one but never having the time. Is it just me or are outfit posts a complete mission? It all starts with having to make myself look acceptable enough for a picture, then find a nice background, then find some good lighting, then fiddle around with my camera because it won't focus and then analyse the pictures until I have some decentish shots. Yes, after all that there is no wonder I rarely have the time to do outfit posts. I guess my perfectionist personality doesn't make it any easier but if any of you lovely ladies have tips on making things quicker please do share. That being said, I do love an outfit post. I think they add a personal feel to my blog and I feel a sense of achievement when I capture a good shot. I also love seeing other bloggers outfit posts   and getting some inspiration for my own outfits. It is much nicer to see what real girls are wearing then the supermodels we see in the glossy magazines. 
Moving on to what I'm wearing in the pictures above is this cute little playsuit from ASOS. I had been eyeing it up on the website for quite some time and each time I checked, it was sold out in my size. ASOS seem to have a habit of having no size 8s and 10s in stock, does anyone else notice that? Anyway, I kept checking back in hope they would get more in stock and much to my surprise, they did. As soon as I saw my size, I popped it in my basket and bought it, no hesitations. I also picked up another playsuit but I'll save that for another outfit post. I have a bit of a thing for playsuits because I love how easy they are to wear. I knew I'd be able to throw this on and my outfit would be complete. When it comes to fashion, I'm quite lazy. I prefer chucking something on that will look effortlessly stylish than having to mess around with ten different layers. 
I love the detailing on this playsuit and the fact it is open at the back, the print reminds me of Pocahontas (I have no idea why) and I love the fact it doesn't need any accessories to make it look good. As you can see, all I am wearing in these pictures is my pandora bracelet. Of course I would add a chunky ring or bangles if I was going somewhere nice but for day to day wear, I think this playsuit is the perfect lazy outfit. It cost me £45.00 which I realise is quite pricey but I think it is justified when I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. I will definitely be dressing this up for a night out with big wedges or teaming it with a pair of sandals for a family day out. I think this is a very easy to wear, versatile item and I love it. I'd also like to add how much I am loving Revlon Lip Butter in the shade 'Lollipop'. I have been reaching for it a lot lately and it really brightens up my face when the rest of my makeup is minimal. It looks quite muted out on the picture above but in reality it is a gorgeous deep pink shade. Beautiful.

If you love this playsuit as much as me, you can find it on the ASOS website here. They only have size 16 in stock at the moment but it seems they keep selling out and re-stocking so all hope is not lost. I guess lots of people are loving this just as much as me!

Have a fabulous Jubilee day everyone!

Lots of Love,

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