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Hi Ladies! If you read my haul post yesterday, you will know that I recently picked up an OPI nail polish in the shade 'Mauving to Manitoba'. I spotted this in a discount health and beauty shop (cheap skate ha!) and just couldn't resist the bargain. Now I don't know if its just me but I'm one of these people that just can't justify spending a fortune on nail polish. I realise its lovely and I do enjoy using it but I personally prefer to spend my money on makeup, skin and hair care products. I managed to get this for 12 dollars which is around 7-8 pounds so still on the pricey side but I guess its better than OPI's normal £10/11 price tag.

When rummaging through all of the available shades, I was instantly drawn to this one. As with all OPI nail polishes, the bottle is big and sturdy and this shade in particular has a gorgeous marble effect running through it which makes the bottle look even prettier than usual. The way I would describe this shade is a mix between mauve, purple, pink and red. It is really unusual and nothing like I have ever used before. I must also add that the shine this polish gives my nails is incredible. After only one coat my nails looked sparkling. I love nothing more than super shiny nails so this was a big plus for me. 

As with all nail polishes I use, I did apply two coats but the colour was almost opaque after the first. I love the consistency of OPI polishes as they glide on to the nails like a dream without being too gloopy or too watery thin. I also noticed it began to dry pretty quickly but I still applied my Sally Hansen Insta Dri over the top to speed things up. (Mrs Impatient!)

I have had this on my nails for a few days now and it still looks super shiny and relatively chip free. I say relatively because I scuffed a few of them at work but that's my fault not the nail polishes. All in all, I really love this shade and think it is one of those go to colours that will go with almost any makeup or outfit that I wear. I can see why people do go wild for these nail polishes and if I had more money I would love to add a few more to my collection. However, I still think Barry M does the job for 2.99. 8)

If you fancy having a splurge on this gorgeous nail polish, I have hunted it down on Amazon here for £8.39 which is a little bit cheaper than normal.

What do you think of OPI? Do you dislike spending lots of money on nail polish like me?

Lots of Love,

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