What I've Been Wearing Lately | A Busy Weekend

Dipped Hem Top - Cotton On
Leggings - H&M
Wedges - Matalan
Necklace - Diva
Cuff - Next

Peplum Top - River Island
Body Con Skirt - H&M
Wedges - Same as Above
Bag - Oasis
Belt - Missguided
Necklace - Dotti

Skater Dress - Cotton On
Blazer - H&M
Ankle Boots - Dotti
Necklace -  Australian Jewellery Shop

Aztec Dress - Missguided
Blazer - H&M
Ankle Boots - Same as Above
Necklace - Same as Above

Hey Guys! So you may have noticed that I have only blogged once in the past five days which for me is not a lot. I usually try blogging every other day or every two days at least to keep you all constantly updated with new posts. However, on Friday my friend Camille from the UK arrived in Australia so its safe to say it has been none stop. She decided to come to Australia and see me as she is going to her friends wedding in Bali which is on the way to Oz anyway so it made sense to do both. It was so lovely to see her as I haven't seen any of my family or friends in England for the past five months. My boyfriend and I drove down to Brisbane on Friday to meet her and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel with an amazing view on Friday and Saturday night. We had an absolute blast both nights eating nice meals, going on a boat ride, swimming in South Bank, sipping on wine and partying in swishy night clubs. We also had the funniest experience ever which involved a man riding a bike while we sat in a seat on the back. Apparently its the done thing in Oz to ride in these taxi/bike things but I had never seen them before. The guy who was riding us back to our hotel was slightly nuts too so at one point he was going faster than the cars around us. He was even blasting out a bit of Jay Z which made the whole situation even funnier. 

The first two outfits I have included above are what I wore for the two nights we spent in Brisbane. On the first night we went for a meal and drinks over at South Bank so I wore this dipped hem top with leggings. I absolutely love the top as it was comfortable to wear and looked dressy without being too OTT. On the second night I wore this gorgeous River Island peplum top paired with a body con skirt as we were going out to a night club and I wanted to look a bit more glammed up. Again, I loved the top and found the style very flattering on my curvy figure. Both nights I wore my tan wedges from Matalan as they are the comfiest shoes ever. They were cheap as chips and I have worn them over and over again. Yay for Matalan!

On Sunday we got up early, checked out of our hotel and set off on the drive back to my dads house which is in a town around 3 hours away from Brisbane. On our way home we stopped at a gorgeous place called Noosa for some lunch and a stroll along the beautiful beach. We then drove back to my dads house for a BBQ and drinks. We had a chilled night chatting and watching Aussie X Factor which was amazing by the way. I seriously urge all of you to Youtube Josh Brookes audition as UNREAL is not even the word for that guy. 

On Monday we had another day of chilling after our busy Brisbane weekend and then headed down to Hervey Bay in the evening which is a Queensland tourist destination with an amazing beach, bars and restaurants. We stayed down there for two nights and again had an amazing time. On Monday night we went out for a meal and drinks so I wore this cute floral skater dress with my ankle boots. I wasn't sure how they'd look together as first but my boyfriend assured me it looked nice. I think this outfit will look great in the winter too paired with black tights. 

Yesterday was Camille's last day here so we had a fun day riding down Hervey Bay esplanade on a three seater bike, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. We decided to have an early meal and a couple of drinks last night as Camille's flight to Bali was very early this morning. We went to an Australian cuisine restaurant and we all tried Kangaroo. I was pretty amazed at myself as I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food and I actually really enjoyed it. I wore this aztec dress to dinner and again paired it with my ankle boots. This is probably my favourite outfit as I am slightly obsessed with anything aztec and love this white H&M blazer. I always feel very Kim K when I wear it for some reason.

Overall, we have a brilliant five days and managed to squeeze a lot of fun things into such a short space of time. I realise this post is both picture and word heavy but I wanted to do one big post showing you all the outfits I have been wearing instead of four separate ones. I'm glad I can return to my usual blogging habits now too as I have actually missed it these past few days. Does that make me really sad? 8).

I hope you are all well and had an excellent weekend. Which is your favourite outfit?

Lots of Love,

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