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Hi Ladies! I hope you've all had a great weekend. I'm currently curled up in bed still suffering with this god damn ear infection. I've been using antibiotic ear drops to try and clear it up for four days now but they don't seem to be doing much - great ey? I think I'll have to make a trip back to the doctors again next week if things don't start to improve as I barely have enough energy to move from my bed never mind go to work full time and function like a normal human being.

With this being said, this post is going to be short and sweet. I wanted to quickly show you all the coat I picked up yesterday from Marks & Spencers. Yes you read that right, that shop M&S that I never thought in a million years I would ever buy a coat from. I've been searching for a nice winter coat for ages now due to the fact I've been freezing my ass off wearing blazers or a leather jacket to work instead of a 'proper' coat. As much as I love wearing them they just aren't appropriate for this bitterly cold English winter weather so the hunt for something warm and cosy yet stylish at the same time was on. 

I usually get a little bit frightened about wearing really statement coats so when I spotted this double breasted black trench with a simple fur collar and leather trim, I was sold. I love that it will go with absolutely anything, I love that it cinches me in at the waist and I love that it is not only practical but stylish too. I opted for a size 8 as I found the sizings quite generous but the 8 fits me perfectly. The fur collar is detachable too which is handy for those occasions I want to look a little more formal. I wore it for the first time last night and instead of shivering and moaning about how cold it was, I felt snuggled, warm and content. Even better, I was told I looked 'very classy' by my boyfriends dad which has to be a compliment right?

The only down side about this coat is the price as it set me back a pretty steep £85.00. However, when it came to deciding whether to buy it or not I decided I would get so much wear out of it that the price could be justified. It also feels like its made from high-quality materials so hopefully it will be long lasting too. I feel very satisfied I now have a proper coat to keep me warm and hopefully keep these nasty colds at bay throughout the winter months. 

I've managed to find it on the M&S website so if you want to have a look in more detail, you can do so here.

Do you love wearing warm and snuggly coats in the winter months?

Lots of Love,

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