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Hi Ladies! I hope you are all well. I've been full of flu for the past five days so I haven't been up to blogging much. You know when you just feel completely drained and can't even begin to think about writing a blog post? Well thats exactly how I've been feeling which isn't good at all as I love nothing more than sitting down to write a new post. I know things could be worse though so I've been plodding on regardless. If you have tweeted me, thank you as tweets from you lovely lot always cheer me up. I have a few life posts lined up for the next couple of weeks and I really can't wait to get stuck into them but posts like that require a lot of thinking so I thought I'd stick to a simple review tonight.

I bought Rimmels 'Stay Matte' pressed powder around a month ago after my MAC 'Mineralize Skinfinish Natural' ran out. As I was out of work I clearly couldn't afford to splurge £21.50 on a powder so I picked up this cheap alternative for only £3.99. As well as the affordable price tag, I'd seen lots of positive reviews from other bloggers that claimed this powder was just as good as high-end alternatives. On first impressions I wasn't overly keen on the plastic packaging/lid as the lid didn't seem secure and I felt like it would crack within a few days of buying on. Thankfully, this hasn't been the case and as it was exceptionally cheap so I shouldn't really expect flashy packaging. With this being said, although the packaging isn't up my street, the product itself is fantastic. 

Your probably reading this and thinking 'it's only a powder' but for me powder is a vital part of my daily makeup routine. As my skin can be partial to an oily t-zone, setting my foundation with a powder is an absolute must for me. As well as that, I really don't like shiny looking skin. I know lots of people go for a 'glowy' look these days but for me personally I prefer my base to be matte and then I can add a glow to my cheekbone/tear ducts and brow bone using highlighters or eyeshadows.

I decided to go for the shade 'transparent' as my skin is ghostly white in winter and it looked like the palest shade available. I realise 'transparent' is meant to be clear but it still transfers a pale shade onto my skin nonetheless. I always tend to go for a lighter powder than my skin tone so I can add colour back onto my skin with bronzer, blush and highlighters. I've been applying this every morning after my foundation with my Real Techniques Powder brush and it leaves my skin looking flawless, even, and most importantly, matte. It controls any shine from my foundation or t-zone and blends into my skin nicely without looking caky. I'm not quite sure I believe Rimmels claims it lasts for five hours but I'm yet to find a powder that looks the same five hours later and trust me, I've tried a lot. Nevertheless, it does keep my makeup set all for a few hours, keeps shine minimised and with a light top up throughout the day I'm good to go again. I don't actually do this unless I'm going out somewhere nice though, how lazy of me haha!

Overall I really like this powder and will continue to use every last scrap of it. For £3.99 it works just as well as MAC Skinfinish so I really can't complain. If you fancy giving it a try you can get in on Feel Unique here with free worldwide delivery. It is also available in three other shades; Peach Blossom, Peach Glow and Silky Beige. 

Do you use powder every day like me? Have you tried this one?

Lots of Love,

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