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Hi Ladies! So, as the title states, this post is going to be a bit of a rant. a bit spontaneous and a little collection of my thoughts all spilled out into one little blog post. Now I realise my blog mainly contains reviews, outfits, favourites and so on but from time to time I like to throw in something a bit more personal to mix things up and keep the readers of my blog 'entertained' so to speak. Now I'm not going to have a full blown 'rant' as such, don't worry, my blog isn't a place for negativity but what I am going to do is share my opinion on clothing and the little number that comes with them. Yes that's right, pesky clothing sizes. 

Okay so imagine the scene. You walk into a shop and spot the most perfect pair of jeans, you pick up your 'size' and wander off to the fitting room only to discover they are either giving you an overflowing muffin top or are so loose you could fit two of you in there. In this situation, what do you do? If they are too small do you immediately think you've gained weight and put them back? Or if they are too big do you buy the size down and leave the shop feeling wonderful? I know for a fact, most of you reading this and most women can relate to this situation and these feelings when out shopping and buying clothes.The reason I've decided to write this post is because on a few occasions over the past few weeks, I've left a number of hight street shops feeling completely down about myself and my appearance thanks to their clothes becoming increasingly smaller. Just for reference, I'm a size 8 up top and a size 10 on the bottom. I've been this size for as long as I can remember and have always been lucky in the fact that my weight doesn't fluctuate. So, my question is, why do some size 10 jeans not even pull up over my knees? I mean I've not gained any weight what so ever (trust me, I've weighed myself at the gym), all of my current size 10 jeans fit so why is it when I go shopping, I am left feeling like I've gained a couple of stone overnight? My answer to this ladies is clothing shops and their ridiculous variations in sizing.

I can almost garuntee if I went into every shop on the high street and tried on the same size pair of jeans in each, I would come away with a whole host of sizes, none of which truly reflect my figure or my shape. Now I realise 'size doesn't matter' which I agree, it doesn't, but who wants to go out shopping only to be faced with a sense of dread that we might of been eating one too many chocolates and have crept up a dress size? Okay it's great when we try our usual size on only to find its too big but again, is that a true representation of our ACTUAL size or is that just a brands ploy to make us feel good about ourselves and therefore buy more from their shop? This is what I would like to know so if any of you work in retail or the fashion industry and can share some light on why there seems to be no set sizes across the high street, please enlighten me.

In my opinion, there needs to be some kind of 'standard' set in place, generic measurements for each size so we all know what size we are and avoid being frustrated while out shopping. There has been numerous occasions when I've tried something on that I would really like to buy only to be disappointed by an ill-fitting piece of clothing staring back at me in the mirror. Even better, why can't shops make 'in- between' sizes so there is always something to fit every shape and size? I really hate that we are judged by the 'number' on our jeans. Who cares if someone is a size 4 or a size 24, everyone is different and everyone should be able to walk into a shop, pick up an item of clothing and try it on with ease.

I realise I'm completely rambling but this is what happens when I feel the need to write about something suddenly 8). Basically what I'm trying to say is, I wish clothing was true to size. I mean let's face it, the likes of Topshop clearly only design their jeans for supermodel type girls with absolutely no hips or bum and the rest of us are left feeling 'meh' because we can't even fit one leg into our normal size. What makes it even worse is that sometimes even the same size can vary. I once bought some size 10 Topshop jeans that fit me perfectly and were exceptionally comfy so I decided to order another pair in a different colour. However, when the second pair arrived they were not only slightly tight but ridiculous small to the point I couldn't even get them past my ankles. I mean, come on, how does that make sense when the other pair fit me perfectly? Don't get me wrong, I adore Topshop and buy a lot from them but when it comes to jeans I just know they are a no-go. I actually found a very interesting article on The Guardian's website a while ago that shows a chart of various high street shops and the measurements of their clothing sizes. The difference in measurements from shop to shop really shocked me and prooved that its not my body changing, the shops just can't make their minds up about which size is which. You can have a read of that article here if you're interested.

So that's just a bit of food for thought their ladies on the trials ad tribulations of finding the right size. Its one of those things that really annoys me and I constantly find myself thinking 'I wonder what my true dress size is'. I bet most of you reading this post have experienced this at some point too and if you haven't, your one of the lucky ones. In my opinion - I would love to walk into a shop, know my size, try it on and buy it stress free. The hassle that comes with trying on ten different pairs of jeans until I find the perfect fit certainly ruins a shopping experience for me and isn't shopping meant to be a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with our family and friends or a day off work? 

Do you find clothing sizes vary from shop to shop? Does it annoy you or do you not mind buying a different size as long as the item looks good?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this!

Lots of Love,

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