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Autumn Clothing Haul, Autumn Clothing Haul 2014, Clothing Haul, Fashion Haul, Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M, New Look, Monochrome

My mum and sister came to visit me at my new flat in Manchester recently and it was only natural that we went and did a spot of shopping in the city centre. I'm still trying to work out where everything is between working full time and blogging so it was nice to get out and explore the shops for the afternoon! I'm pretty skint at the moment and homeware/getting things in order at my new place have been my main priority but I couldn't resist a couple of things and my mum very kindly bought my sister and I to some bits too! As you can probably guess from the title of this post, there's a definite monochrome theme going on - I do love a bit of black, grey and white in the A/w months!

Autumn Clothing Haul, Autumn Clothing Haul 2014, Clothing Haul, Fashion Haul, Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M, New Look, Monochrome
I went shopping with the intention to buy a top I could wear with my new leather mini skirt (more on that in another post) and a black blazer for The Saturdays concert I recently attended. I spotted this cute monochrome high-neck top in New Look and really loved the print. Its kind of zig-zag stripes which I thought was quite unusual and I love that it has a cool sixties vibe! If you follow me on Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), you'll have probably seen a photo of me wearing this!

H&M Fluffy Cardigan
My boyfriend laughed when I tried this fluffy cardigan on and said I looked like a penguin but penguin esque or not, its so damn warm and cosy. When the cold weather rolls around, having fluffy jumpers or cosy cardigans on standby is essential. Plus, penguins are cute right? I'm sure I can make it work!

I normally find Topshop jeans so small that I just don't bother buying them. Having to go up a size because their jeans don't cater for girls like me with hips and a butt makes me feel self conscious and that's the last thing I want to feel when out buying new clothes! However, my younger sister is a bit Topshop mad at the moment so she dragged me in with her. I've been wanting to get some new black skinny jeans ready for the A/W months for a while now so when I spotted these ripped Leigh jeans, I decided to try them on, regardless of the annoying sizing! When I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were a perfect fit, in my usual size. They looked so great that I had to buy them there and then, despite being pretty skint at the moment!

Most items of clothing that are totally boring and uninteresting are the ones we wear the most. Take vest tops, jeans or plain t shirts for example. None of them are particularly exciting items but wardrobe staples all the same. That's how I feel about this black over sized cardigan from H&M. Its nothing to look at but its one of those pieces that finishes an outfit off perfectly. Another A/W staple, check!

H&M Checked Shirt

Tartan is set to be big again this A/W so when I spotted this cute black, grey and white checked shirt in H&M, it had to be mine. I've already worn the hell out of this - its been worn twice this week alone! I absolutely love wearing it open over a vest top and pair of skinny jeans and its definitely going to be an A/W favourite!

Have you been stocking up on A/W essentials lately? Are you a fan of monochrome?

Lots of love,

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