The Best Things About Being A Blogger: Part 1

Meeting like minded people
This has to be the best thing about being a blogger - meeting so many lovely people who have the same interests as me. Before I started blogging, I used to ramble on to my friends and family about beauty products or my latest MAC lipstick purchase and for the most part, they weren't all that interested. Not because they're not interested in what I have to say but because that isn't their passion - unlike me, they don't have drawers and drawers full of the stuff! However, I love nothing more than chatting to fellow bloggers on Twitter or Instagram about my latest beauty find or lipstick love - its so much fun! Its also nice to have so many people to talk to at all times of the day. Its like having thousands of virtual friends!

Discovering new brands
Before starting my blog, I'd only heard of the big name brands. Take MAC, NARS, Bourjois, Rimmel and Maybelline for example. Now as much as I still love those huge brands, blogging has also allowed me to discover smaller but absolutely fantastic brands. I'm not going to name all the brands I've discovered here as there's just too damn many but yes, its safe to say the brands I now use has hugely expanded since my early blogging days. I may do a post all about my favourites soon.

Awesome opportunities
One of the really lovely perks that comes with being a blogger is being given the opportunity to do things you'd never have the chance to do otherwise. Some people get funny about bloggers being sent 'freebies' or getting to attend events but if a blogger has worked exceptionally hard on their blogs, which are free for anyone to read, I don't see anything wrong with them getting rewarded for their effort. Lets face it, most bloggers don't make any money from their blogs but put in just as much, if not more time than they would working part or even full time. So yes, I'm here saying it loud and proud that being given the chance to go and see a concert, attend a cool event or receive a new release from a beauty brand is one of the great things about being a blogger. As long as you're not blogging for the sole purpose of getting free stuff, I don't see anything wrong with that.

Helping/inspiring others
I've wrote a few lifestyle posts on my blog in the past about my own personal experiences (anxiety and bullying to name two) and the response I've received to them has been overwhelming. Whether its tweets, comments or emails - the fact that something I've wrote has helped or inspired someone has to be one of the most rewarding feelings ever. I've even received emails from girls who said they went to get help after reading one of my posts or that reading my story and knowing they're not alone got them through a hard time. Knowing these things makes blogging SO worth it!

Developing my skill set
Since starting my blog I've learnt so many invaluable skills that I wouldn't have otherwise. As a blogger we play so many different roles - content creator, editor, photographer, social media updater and decision maker. Taking on all of these different roles over the past (almost) three years has allowed me to get a glimpse into what its like to do these things for a business and it even landed me my new job which I'll be doing a post all about very soon!

There's so many other things I love about blogging that I've decided to split this post up into two parts. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

What are your favourite things about being a blogger?

Lots of love,

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