Foxy Locks Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hey Guys! So if you read my blog regularly you'll know I was debating over wether to purchase some Foxy Locks hair extensions. The reason I was debating was because they didn't have the 160g set I originally wanted in stock. After much deliberation, I decided I would try the 120g set as it still seemed like a lot of hair. I ordered them on Wednesday morning and they arrived on Thursday. I paid for next day delivery as I needed them for going out this weekend. I was very impressed they arrived so quickly as sometimes 'Next Day' can still take a couple of days. In total I paid £62 as the extensions themselves were £56, plus £5.99 for postage. I think this is a pretty reasonable price for a full head of hair extensions.
They arrived wrapped in pretty pink packaging and I just couldn't wait to rip the package open and see my lovely new hair. I'd heard so many rave reviews so I had high hopes. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. I opted for colour #60 which is a light Ash Blonde. I decided on the shade that was best suited to me by watching Imogen's you tube video here. The video was so useful and I'm so glad I watched it or I would of gone for the complete wrong shade. If you are considering buying some Foxy Locks extensions, definitely give it a watch.

So moving on to my review of these extensions. As I have only just got them, this is purely based on first impressions. I am going to be very thorough as I would hate for someone to read one of my reviews, buy something I've mentioned and then HATE it. So be warned, it's going to be pretty lengthy. Sorry if I bore you, I'm just hoping to give as much information as I can. I am going to talk about different aspects of the extensions and rate them out of 10.

Quality of the hair: The quality of the hair is probably the most important thing when shopping for extensions. I tried to do as much research as possible before ordering these and to be honest there was a huge mixture of opinions. These particular extensions are said to be '100% Remy human hair' on the Foxy Locks website. As I have had micro-ring extensions in the past which were Remy hair, I know that they are the best type of hair you can get. Basically, Remy means all the hairs cuticles are laying in the same direction so they should remain tangle-free for a lot longer than cheaper kinds of hair. On first impressions, I think the quality of the hair seems great. It is smooth, silky and tangle free. 10/10.

Colour: Now I know the colour was in my own hands, but a lot of the time when ordering extensions online, they can turn out to be a completely different colour to the pictures shown. The colour I ordered, as I said earlier is a 'Light Ash Blone' and it matches my hair PERFECTLY. The colour is exactly as Imogen described it and the picture was very close to the real-deal. Another huge thumbs up. 10/10.

Thickness: I think the biggest talking point of Foxy Locks extensions is the thickness. I have read review after review about how thick and glamorous these extensions are. I ordered the 120g extensions as you know because the 160g were sold out. I found it almost impossible to find a review of the 120g set online as everyone seems to go for the 160g Deluxe set. Let me tell you, there's no need. You get LOADS of hair with the 120g set. My natural hair is normal, not thick but by no means thin. I would recommend saving yourselves some money and going with the 120g set. (Unless you have SUPER thick hair of course.) At first, I thought the ends looked quite thin but when I put them in my hair they looked really thick and the ends of our hair are always thinner anyway so it gave a more natural look. 9/10.

Length: The only bad thing about Foxy Locks is that they don't offer different lengths. The only length they offer is 20 inches. For me, this is perfect as I usually go for 18 or 20 anyway. I love long thick hair with lots of volume. However, for someone who has hair above shoulder length, these would just be far too long and would look ridiculously fake. Okay, you can go and get them cut at the hairdressers, but who wants to start forking out MORE money? I certainly wouldn't after spending £60 on the extensions themselves. 7/10.

Clips: These extensions come with the clips already attached which is a huge bonus for me. I have had horrendous experience in the past with sewing clips onto wefts of hair. I am not a good sewer, put it that way. These extensions comes with ten wefts of hair as shown on the picture above. All of the clips are securely attached and they all have a silicone lining around them which means they won't cause damage to your natural hair and they stay securely in place. I did find them quite hard to snap open and closed though. 8/10.

Styling: Whenever I go out, I like to have my hair curled as I think extensions look more natural when they have a natural wave or curl to them. Having said this, a very important factor for me was wether they would style well. I used my GHD's to style them last night and they curled like a dream. They also held very well, even without a load of hairspray. Yet again, another thumbs up. 10/10.

Okay, enough rambling from me. Overall that is 54/60 which is a pretty good overall score. I hope you found this useful if you are thinking of purchasing some Foxy Locks extensions. The true test for me will be when I have abused them with straighteners, curlers and products for a few months. A lot of the time extensions can tangle, frizz and shed if they are poor quality so time will tell. Here is a 'before' and 'after' picture of me wearing the extensions. The 'Before' picture is from last year so my hair is actually a lot longer now but you get the gist.

Overall, I really like them. The flash on my camera has picked them up a slightly different colour than the actually are. In person, they match perfectly. Again, sorry for the mega long post but I hope you found it a good read and helpful regardless.

Have you ever tried Foxy Locks? What do you think?

Lots of Love,



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